ESSAY: Analysis of an Age Related Topic

Identify two strategies you can implement to provide comfort to maintain function with an ethnically diverse older adult with a chronic disease? This can be nutrition, ADLs, exercise, etc


Analysis of an Age-Related Topic
The older population is usually isolated from the society in many ways. They lack proper care including healthcare and other needs such as food, shelter, and clothing. Therefore, most people aged 65 years and above are vulnerable to many health-related risks, and thus they require intensive care and support. This may be achieved through modern health and disability programs funded by the state and federal governments as well as altruistic institutions by providing various necessities to the elderly. Major chronic illnesses affecting the elderly population include Dementia, Glaucoma, Cataracts, diabetes, and Arthritis (Prince et al., 2015). Various intervention or management programs provide comfort to older adults suffering from chronic diseases. This includes engaging in physical activities, healthy eating, and social support.
Strategies to Provide Comfort to Older Adult with Diabetes
Physical Activities
The first strategy for the older adult with a chronic disease is physical activities (PA). The approach is one of the most effective ways of keeping the older people comfortable and healthy. It has long-term benefits to the emotional and mental aspects of the patient. Exercise helps to improve patient’s health and reduce the risk of developing other diseases such as cancer, arthritis, and cardiovascular disease, hence improving quality of life. In addition, it lowers the risk of falls, blood cholesterol level, blood pressure, and help to manage weight. Exercise increases the social and mental well-being of the patient as well as help the patient feel great physically.
Physical activity has many capabilities such as the mind-body connection which can fundamentally help older people, especially those with chronic diseases to find relief and comfort.  The programs include health-focused services, community-based programs and aging network program (Burch et al., 2014). These programs bring together the older population, so they feel motivated to participate. The older people can learn simple physical exercises such as walking and other simple activities, which help keep their bodies active. Furthermore, continuously engaging the older people in physical activities make them strong and healthy.
 Health nutrition
Nutrition is a proper intervention for chronic diseases not only among the elderly people but also to all people who want to live healthy lives. The older people should be introduced to a nutrition that promotes their wellness because being older and having a chronic disease can be a burden to someone. There should be proper dietary system particularly one which has been approved by a nutritionist. Administering a healthy nutrition to the elderly must be accompanied by continuous checkups to evaluate the effectiveness.
Healthy nutrition is important for people suffering from diabetes. First, eating a balanced diet is fundamental for excellent health and wellbeing. Food provides the patient with the energy, vitamins, minerals, protein, and essential fats to grow, live, and function properly. The patient requires different varieties of food in order to provide the correct quantities of nutrients for noble…

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