Case Study And Analysis Of Ryanair Management Essay

Case Study And Analysis Of Ryanair Management Essay

Case Study And Analysis Of Ryanair Management Essay

Case Study And Analysis Of Ryanair Management Essay

1.0 Introduction

This instance survey and analysis is to place the current scheme of Ryan Air utilizing assorted theoretical accounts and schemes to develop a better hereafter for Ryan Air. As this study addresses different facets of Ryan Air with the aid of Porter ‘s 3 Generic Strategies and the justifications utilizing the value concatenation account has helped in the analysis of the existent focal point of RyanAir. This study besides addresses the assorted control systems with the execution of the scheme for Ryan Air together with the leading manners of Michael O’Leary. As he plays a large function in the company in cost direction and many other schemes of running a low budget air hose.

The Strategy execution has been carried out utilizing the Mckinsey ‘s 7 S theoretical account. This has helped place the assorted facets of betterment for Ryan Air. As Ryan Air is the first budget airliner, it has been able to go the largest bearer in the UK. To turn to the short approachs and the scheme defects, the undermentioned study addresses assorted theoretical accounts to analyze and implement a scheme to heighten the air hose since its cost direction systems remain of top notch.

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Through this the designation of the scheme and a new execution of it may heighten through the 7 ‘S theoretical account has been able to turn to all facets. This study contains critical information of Ryan Air ‘s place and its schemes and recommendations to guarantee the company is executing at high degrees in all sectors.

2.0 Porter ‘s Generic Strategy of Ryan Air

Ryan Air is a low budget air hose. Its chief focal point is more or less cost decrease. Its scheme remains the universe ‘s low budget air hose. Therefore we are able to do and analysis of Ryan Air utilizing the Porter ‘s Generic Strategies to analyse the current place of Ryan Air. Through analysis we are able to sketch the three generic schemes such as,

Cost Leadership



Cost Leadership

Cost scheme is based upon a concern forming and pull offing its value-adding activities so as to be the lowest cost manufacturer of a merchandise within and industry ( Campbell, 2002 )

The scheme here is based on the end of the air hose. A low budget air hose that is value adding and competes against its rivals with the lowest costs. Ryan Air has been able to go a popular air hose among European citizens and have attracted many European concern travellers who merely require acquiring from point A to point B.

With the recent recession and assorted other factors of clients seeking for cheaper option which provided quality service, Ryan Air have been able to make a demand for its tickets. At first they were an ordinary air hose with normal service of high quality which besides suggested that they are a high priced air hose. Therefore the company was forced to travel in to be decrease manner due to the external forces of recession.

Therefore along with the enlargement to Europe the air line was faced in adversities of lasting as a high costs air hose. Therefore the company was forced to go a more effectual cost leader in its sector. Through this they are able to go the best low menus air hose in the European sector.


Differentiation has many advantages for the house which makes usage of the scheme. Some debatable countries include the trouble on portion of the house to gauge if the excess costs entailed in distinction can really be recovered from the client through premium pricing. Furthermore, successful distinction scheme of a house may pull rivals to come in the company ‘s market section and copy the differentiated merchandise. ( Lynch, 2003 ) .

As RyanAir faced assorted adversities in the past receiving losingss of up to IR?20 Million, the battle to last along with Michael O’Leary decided to alter company scheme that was based on the theoretical account developed by American Southwest Airlines.

Ryan air ‘s generic scheme remained ill-defined, alas they remained someplace between a focuser and a cost leader. But their old schemes were heavier on the focuser facet of the porter ‘s generic forces. When their rivals were blossoming they were on the brink of altering their scheme to going a low budget air hose. Therefore distinction together with cost leading was made a combination in being popular among the section for a alone service supplier in the air hose industry.

As it rivals like EasyJet were utilizing primary airdromes which charges a higher rates, Ryan Air was able to utilize Secondary airdromes being available to most finishs proposing it was the most pure low cost air hose.

As Aer Lingus and Lufthansa remained as rivals they have focused on distinction over low cost. They are concentrating on both distinction and low cost. Therefore Ryan Air is able to keep its lower costs concentrating chiefly on low costs.

As Ryan Air remain cost leader Aer Lingus and EasyJet focused largely on distinction. Therefore these air hoses on this facet were differentiated where as Ryan Air focused wholly on a pure low cost air hose.


Porter ab initio presented focal point as one of the three generic schemes, but subsequently identified focal point as a moderator of the two schemes. Companies employ this scheme by concentrating on the countries in a market where there is the least sum of competition ( Pearson, 1999 ) .

The focal point of Ryan air is to pull clients to low cost air hoses acquiring from point to indicate. Therefore its focal points are to suit riders and clients to choose a strictly low budget air hose over its rivals as mentioned above. Therefore the instance besides represents that Ryan Air has no frills and suggests highly low cost with high quality service providing to clients who need to acquire to metropoliss with secondary airdromes. This helps them concentrate on concern clients over the vacation clients who demand comfort over A to B transit. Therefore through these schemes Ryan Air is able to utilize the strictly low cost scheme to derive gross revenues of air tickets that were frequently demanded by business communities.

As per cost leading Ryan air has focused in to going the lowest cost air hose providing to many clients who seem to easy choose Ryan Air over other air hoses that provided a higher quality and quantitative service for a premium monetary value. Therefore the focal point of this air hose such as Ryan Air was to concentrate less on distinction and maintain focal point on low cost air hoses.

Through these facets by utilizing the porter ‘s generic forces, Ryan Air remains as strictly a low cost air hose that focuses less on being alone against its rivals missing distinction. Their schemes are wholly based on being the Cost Leader in its section.

3.0 Value Chain Analysis

“ By placing the cardinal resources and capablenesss which are alone to the concern and which are valuable and difficult to copy will find the sustainable competitory advantage. ” ( Hubbard, 2008, p23 ) .

Through the aid of the value concatenation analysis the company could be able to place how RyanAir could construct up its capablenesss to vie against other similar budget air hoses. This illustration does demo how the organisation could add value to their services. It will besides assist understand the strengths and failings.

Source-http: //

In the above diagram the value concatenation analysed through the survey of Ryan Air has been able to sketch the of import countries in Porter Value Chain Analysis. Throughout this analysis it is clear that the substructure made for Ryan Air has been rather competitory and have worked to their advantage.

When analyzing the Inbound Logistics which provides quality preparation with the aid of low cost providers and airdrome understandings have helped through Constructing a low cost preparation facilitation of crew and pilots together with internet gross revenues and fining which has made things much efficient and effectual. The Boeing price reductions received on procurance of new aeroplanes have enabled them to make a inbound logistics at Ryan Air.

Operationss at Ryan air on the other manus have remained focused on low cost, which suggests a no frills air hose that caters to clients of the European sector. A limited crew in lower cost on HRM and proficient development that helps entree to information much easier that aid confederations in working together to be more efficient. These have attracted low costs that attract more clients in to taking Ryan Air.

The outbound Logistics remain as Management control which consists of an incorporate system that is outsourced to a company that would assist manage outbound logistics. This helps in the efficiency of the air hose. Quick turnaround and Reliable service both helps Ryan Air to heighten their efficiencies in their value systems to keep outbound logistics at a efficient gait.

Selling and gross revenues have been conducted in house with bing employees of Ryan Air and have been grips internally. Low proficient Selling and cyberspace gross revenues have required a minimal figure of staff which helped in cutting down on costs to stay genuinely a low cost airliner. Therefore Low cost publicities to pull clients, together with free promotion have helped make consciousness among the populace to heighten gross revenues. Controversial comparings to its rivals doing Ryan air the selected air hose among many business communities. Internet Gross saless have boosted the velocity of geting clients and efficiency and economy of clip in obtaining the maximal figure of riders in each flight. Output direction has helped heighten the Selling and Gross saless to do certain public presentation is at its extremum where the gross revenues are changeless and consistent. Influencing consumers to choose Ryan Air has enabled Yield Management to be successful in Ryan Air ‘s Selling and gross revenues division.

Under the service facet of Ryan Air public presentation contracts of employees have ensured that all perform at high degrees and high productiveness. This suggests that doing maximal usage of limited resources and a basic low cost would heighten the service through public presentation contracts. These facets on the service sector of Ryan Air have made it able to make high marks being a low cost airliner. They have been able to get many gross revenues and is on the brink of being the best budget airliner in the European sector.

Therefore through this it has been identified that a successful budget airliner and remains a genuinely low cost air hose.

4.0 Michael O’Leary ‘s Leadership

Ryan Air ‘s leading schemes are based on Michael O’Leary ‘s ways of pull offing the concern. As Chief executive officer of the company he is really vocal and is ready accept any challenge he faces. The success of Ryan Air is non possible without a strong committedness by one of executives of the company. Therefore Michael O’Leary was the one to stand up and get down to run this company to recover it back to a way of success.

Mr O’Leary was the Jesus of Ryan Air transforming it to a profitable air hose in Europe. His leading manners were the chief backup to assist all sectors work together in to accomplishing this mark. With its low cost scheme and to be the universe ‘s best air hose, his leading manner represents a rather undertaking orientated leading manner. This manner frequently was based on place and authorization and senior status.

His programs on geting Aer Lingus are still on the brink where he would non give up in geting it. Therefore this illustrates that his leading manner exhibits a focussed and determined leading manner.

He is non afraid to take on his staff if they stand in the manner of cost decrease. This besides suggested that his squad that worked under him had to lade luggage and was opprobrious and disconnected with the staff. This besides illustrates aggressive growing and an aggressive stance. He is now a selling mastermind being voted the European Businessmen of the twelvemonth.

( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

4.1 Michael O’Leary ‘s Leadership degrees

In order to analyze Michael O’Leary we could utilize the Level Five Leadership prepared by Jim Collins. Harmonizing to Jim Collins “ Merely 11 companies in history have successfully made the passage to illustriousness. ” What they seem to hold in common is that all leaders had all five degrees of leading.

Through the undermentioned single degrees of leading we are able to measure the quality of leading Mr. Michael O’Leary possesses.

Level One: A capable person who makes productive parts through endowment, cognition, accomplishments and good work wonts.

Harmonizing to the relevant information on the instance and the apprehensions of the leading facets of Michael O’Leary it is understood that he does posses productive parts through endowment that has decidedly helped Ryan Air in making its marks of going the Largest Carrier in UK. Besides going the first budget Airliner in the UK has made them set up themselves as genuinely a cost leader. These facets of Ryan Air have merely been able to be reached due to its good talented Leader, Mr O’Leary. His productiveness among anything he does and besides his accomplishments of managing a fiscal program and managing the overall fiscal facets of a company, he has genuinely mastered and redesigned the art of cost film editing. Therefore his accomplishments and cognition have helped him develop good work wonts to guarantee every facet of Ryan Air is done expeditiously.

Flat Two: A Team member, he contributes his single capablenesss to the accomplishment of the group aims and works efficaciously with others in group scenes.

When turn toing degree two harmonizing to Jim Collins, Michael O’Leary exhibits a moderate degree of the ability to work with squads. He is able to direct and guarantee that his subsidiaries are accomplishing their marks. This illustrates that his single capablenesss have been passed down separately guaranting that all marks are met.

Level Three: A Competent Manager. He knows how to form people and resources towards the effectual and efficient chase of preset aims.

As a competent Manager Michael O’Leary ‘s art of put to deathing undertakings were of top notch. Resuscitating Ryan Air in going the best Carrier in the United Kingdom has ensured his effectivity and Efficiency to be in par with the companies ‘ aims of going genuinely a low cost budget air hose with no frills at all.

Level four: Goes one measure further and go an effectual leader, his contact actions to and a vigorous chase of a clear and compelling vision, exciting higher public presentation criterions.

As for Mr. O’Leary being an effectual leader is of no uncertainty. Along with that he is efficient in it every bit good due to the fact that low budget funding and strategically execution of commanding a big entity like an air hose industry with minimum cost is of a province of the art fiscal program for Ryan Air. And that suggest that the schemes Mr. O’Leary has implemented has genuinely brightened his leading capablenesss. By making a scheme to accomplish a clear obliging vision such as being the lowest cost airliner or cost leader, O’Leary has developed a sophisticated fiscal program and cost direction system for a yet simple vision with optimal public presentation and criterions.

Level Five: The individual who knows how to construct digesting illustriousness through self-contradictory blend of humbleness and professional will.

Mr O’Leary in his leading has been able to undergo several steep stairss in to doing Ryan Air the No.1 Airliner in UK. His drive forces frequently were much stronger than his restraining forces. Constructing illustriousness in anything he does was based on his personality together with his ability. His vision of non stepping down from the understanding of Aer Lingus fall ining custodies with Ryan Air has been due to the fact that his professional will and his blend of humbleness has worked to his advantage.

( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Through these facets we are able to understand that Mr. Michael O’Leary is non a degree 5 leader due to his restrictions of working together as a squad. But he is rather close to going a true and effectual leader of a degree 5 leader. Therefore his betterments of being able to work as a squad would progress him from being a degree 4 leader, progressing to a degree 5 leader.

5.0 Organizational Structure and Systems of Ryan Air

The organisational construction of Ryan Air harmonizing to the inside informations of the instance remains to be tall. Therefore Ryan Air construction has been illustrated in appendix 1 to bespeak the functional construction of the organisation.

This functional strucuture represents a traditional functional construction with functional caputs describing straight to the CEO, Michael O’Leary. The Chief fiscal Officer and the Chief Operating Officer reports straight to the CEO together with the the HR director, Legal Scretary and land operations officer. This illustrates an ideal short heirachy as the company is able to pass on within its sections to guarantee consistence is permenant.

Since Michael O’Leary is the originator behind cost direction he has been able to work clsoesly with the fiscal caputs of the company Howard Millar as illustrated in the appendix. This besides shows the assorted methods of communicating that Michael O’Leary used to direct and oversee his way as a leader. Therefore all sectors report straight to the CEO, Michael O’Leary.

Through the functional construction of Ryan Air it has been identified of the Advantages and Disadvantages of a functional construction to accommodate Ryan Air ‘s demands.



Efficient usage of resources, economic systems of graduated table

Poor Communication across functional sections

In deepness accomplishment specialisation and development

Slow response to external alteration and lagging invention

Career advancement within functional sections

Decisions concentrated at the top of the hierarchy, making hold

Top director way and control

Duty for jobs trouble to trap point

Excellent coordination within maps

Limited general direction preparation for employees

High Quality proficient job work outing

( Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: // )

These pros and cons have helped Ryan Air place its organisational construction to find if it were healthy to the operations of Ryan Air. Since the organisational construction is the manner activities are arranged, construction does non straight affect public presentation of the company. RyanAir is able to do accommodations to its construction based on new schemes and keep a pure construction. A formal Structure is much suited for Ryan Air but along with Michael O’Leary a good construction should be helpful in helping the organisation if it was a formal or informal construction. Since O’Leary was so accessible the construction of the organisation remains short and is more effectual in acquiring the undertaking done.

6.0 Recommendations and Strategy Implementation utilizing Mckinsey ‘s 7 ‘s theoretical account

The scheme nidation for a better hereafter for Ryan Air recommends assorted facets that need to be enhanced in order maintain stableness and better efficiency. Harmonizing to the 7 ‘S theoretical account developed by Mckinsey this survey is able make the recommendation on how to get the better of the current state of affairs and the art of bettering the scheme of Ryan Air under the commandment of Mr. O’Leary. Therefore the 7 S theoretical account has been able to develop a through recommendation all unit of ammunition to better efficiency and effectiveness the company.

The undermentioned standard addresses each facet of the company on how to better its public presentation. ( Refer Appendix 2 for diagram )

Scheme: Concentrating on going a genuinely low cost air hose proposing that Ryan Air is genuinely a low budget air hose would keep competitory advantage over the other airliners.

Structure: The construction at Ryan Air is such that all caput of sectors report straight to the CEO of the company, Michael O’Leary. Therefore Ryan Air consists of a short organisational construction. Keeping this construction would guarantee transparence is secured together with efficient undertakings.

Systems: Better frontline employees to maximise the operational efficiency in order to manage any state of affairs. By non taking advantage of the monetary value sensitive consumer and alternatively, encompassing them would assist Ryan Air make its ends in gross revenues.

Shared Valuess: The nucleus Values of the company would be followed harmonizing to the civilization of the organisation. Since the organisation is a low budget service supplier, catering and adhering to basic demands should be the chief focal point and should be seen as a value of the company.

Manner: The manner of leading used by Michael O’Leary is rather close to going a degree 5 leader, but needs to be improved in being more squad oriented. The manner of leading adopted at Ryan Air has so far been successful resuscitating them as the largest bearer in the United Kingdom.

Staff: Better preparation and calling development programs would assist lend to employee morale and motive. More preparation programmes would heighten their efficiencies in maximising operational efficiency in order to supply the best service possible even in failure state of affairss.

Skills: The accomplishments and Competencies seem to deduce from Mr. O’Leary himself. Strong fiscal programs have ensured once more that Ryan Air is so the cost leader who focuses much less on distinction. By non taking advantage of monetary value sensitive consumers and alternatively encompassing they would assist Ryan Air make its ends as the No.1 Budget Carrier in Europe.

( Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Extra Recommendations

The enlargement of paths available

Offer more Premium services

Increase gross revenues of air tickets

Turn Focus to leisure and private travel market

These recommendations consist of concern enlargement which would necessitate capital investing. Therefore they remain as extra recommendations that would heighten Ryan Air as the lowest cost budget airliner the universe.

7.0 Decision

In decision the analysis of Ryan Air is to measure its viability and ability to get the better of obstructions and keeping forces to go the largest bearer in the United Kingdom. Analysis of Ryan Air was conducted with the Value Chain and Porters Generic 5 Forces. These helped in the apprehension of the focal point in Ryan Air as a Cost Leader and their cost methods that have complimented their concern with a demand for their service. As cost leader over distinction is their major concern, Ryan Air is able to go a true budget air hose that offers basic service and high quality and speedy flights with no holds and fuel surcharges. Quick turnarounds and efficient flights guarantee Ryan Air to be the selected air hose in UK among man of affairs. Expanding the skylines to providing to leisure sectors besides may be of value to Ryan Air if enlargement is conducted.

Therefore this study consists of critical information that relates to Ryan Air ‘s bing scheme and the scheme that needs to be implemented as stated in the recommendation subdivision along with Mckinsey ‘s 7 S theoretical account. Further all developments of this survey have been conducted with the best cognition of understanding through the internal analysis and strategical apprehension of the company.

Ryan Air is on the brink of sequence if their schemes are in par with their ends and aims. Therefore what is of import is that Ryan Air remains as the cost leader in its section to boom in the UK market of Airlines.

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Case Study And Analysis Of Ryanair Management Essay

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