M8. Discussion: What was God Doing Before he Made the World?

M8. Discussion: What was God Doing Before he Made the World?
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What was God doing before he made heaven and earth?

Augustine raises that interesting question as he considered the differences between his Manichean religion and Christianity. His answer revolutionized our idea of time. We talk about time all the time, but when we stop to think about it, what do we mean when we talk about present time? How long is the present? How long is a long time? some of the main ideas Augustine arrived at in relation to time. In the end, what is God’s relation to time and how should we think about the terms past, present, and future? How does that view compare with what we now know of the universe thanks to images from the Hubble telescope? Are Augustine’s thoughts about time consistent with the images we see in the video below?

Source: Origin of the Universe 101. National Geographic. You Tube. 1 March 2018. https://youtu.be/HdPzOWlLrbE

This is a discussion, so it DOES NOT need to be a page long; as long as all the questions are answered.

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