ASSIGNED: 10/8/21
DUE: SUNDAY 10/17/21 by 11:59 PM EST (uploaded to Canvas)

DIRECTIONS: Please answer completely all questions. Note that questions contain multiple
parts and your answers should clearly indicate which part of the question you are responding to
(e.g. 2b). Questions 1-3 ask for short answers. Question 4 asks for a formal essay. Your typed
answers should be uploaded as one word document to Canvas by Sunday, October 17, 2021
at 11:59 PM EST. This discussion assignment is designed to be completed independently. You
may consult your notes and course readings as you formulate your responses. This discussion
assignment is worth 50 points.

1. Based on our course discussion of radio/audio media, explain what electronic eloquence is.
Using either the Mayor LaGuardia or President Roosevelt examples from class, give one
example of how either the mayor or president attempts to use a “conversational style” that
is important for electronic eloquence. Explain how the you provide illustrates the
“conversational style.” [5 points]

2. Visit the Internet archive for ESPN (https://web.archive.org/web/*/espn.com). Examine the
homepage/landing page as it existed on April 8, 2003 and again on April 8, 2013. The older
version of the website may take a bit longer to load. [12 points total]

a. How does each version of the ESPN website illustrate the unique sender-receiver
relationship of digital/new media culture? [2 points]

b. Identify three examples on the webpages of media interactivity. Explain how each of
these examples illustrate media interactivity and how media interactivity on the website
evolved over a 10 year time frame. [5 points]

c. In class, we discussed how digital media culture reorients message control away from
elites/authorities and toward lay audiences. Comparing the homepages over time, is
there evidence that ESPN gives users greater control over the ways audiences can
respond to and shape messages from 2003 to 2013? Explain your answer. [2 points]

d. We discussed in class the between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 as related to the
available technology (e.g. dial up versus broadband internet speeds). Using this
background and comparing the ESPN websites, explain how the available technologies
of the medium shape the types of messages created on the ESPN sites. [3 points]

3. When we overviewed the media system in class, we discussed the logics of media content,
including message hybridity. Apply the idea of message hybridity to the evolution of
content from print newspapers to digital newspapers. Your short answer here should define
message hybridity and apply this definition to one change from print to digital newspapers.
You may use the print and digital The New York Times (nytimes.com) as an example of the
changes you discuss. [3 points]

ASSIGNED: 10/8/21
DUE: SUNDAY 10/17/21 by 11:59 PM EST (uploaded to Canvas)

4. ESSAY PROMPT: Please watch the opening statement actor Seth Rogen gave to the U.S.
Congress on Alzheimer’s Disease (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHqx3-mfHAY).

Based on our course discussions related to ethos and source credibility, write an essay that
assesses the extent to which Rogen is an “expert” on the topic. How credible is Seth Rogen to
speak about the topic of Alzheimer’s?

Specifically, your 600-750 word essay should assess his competence, trustworthiness, and
goodwill as conveyed verbally and/or nonverbally during his opening statement to answer the
extent to which Seth Rogen is a credible source in this instance. Your essay should include clear
definitions of the components of source credibility (competence, trustworthiness, and goodwill),
examples from his presentation that illustrate your main points, and references to course reading
and discussions on the topic. Your essay should be professionally structured and written
according to the rubric provided.

Grading Rubric [30 points]

 Includes a clear preview of the argument of the essay and main
points for whether Rogen is a credible source.
 Defines any course concepts that may be referenced
5 points
 Main points clearly stated, developed, and integrated into
the broader direction/argument of the essay.
 Includes clear definitions of source credibility components
and examples from the presentation to illustrate main
 References material support from class discussions and the
Borchers (2012) textbook.
15 points
 Reviews direction/argument of the essay and main points.
5 points
 In-text citations, additional sources cited in APA style
 Professional spelling, grammar, and punctuation
 Double-spaced, 1” margins, 12-point, Times NR font, 600-750
 Include word count with essay
5 points

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