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Human Resource Management



Human resource management comprises of numerous activities destined to facilitate coordination of an organization’s human resources. The function of human resource administrators are always the same regardless of the organization size. Human resource management entails various functions such as ensuring safety and health of affiliated members of staff, dealing with employee compensation and benefits, selection and recruitment, and human resource planning. Human resource administrators play a key role in building a strong relationship between labor unions and the organization. In this perspective, an organization becomes in a position to comply with the policies and guidelines meant to ensure employee protection. In every organization, there are various departments which hold a certain level of power. The exercise of power among organization affiliates serving in different departments is a key issue which influences human resource function. Lack of clearly defined levels of authority and command within an organization coupled with absence of well laid down polices meant to guide department leaders in their engagements principally contributes to the aforementioned issue. In my argument for this action, absence of explicitly defined line of command and lack of policies signifies existence of poor organizational structure which is likely to influence human resource function. Human resource function though supports numerous ois always influenced negatively by top management.

In opposition to this argument, human resource management is a distinct unit whose roles and functions do not involve interaction with to management. This implies that it is difficult for top organization management to influence the activities of human resource management. On another point, human resource management is ranked as one of the top organizational levels and this brings an important inquiry how its various functions are influenced by other top management executives yet they hold the same level of authority. In addition, human resource management staff members in every organization regardless of its size and kind of operations engaged in is overall and manages the entire staff members regardless of their position within the organization. In response to this case, though human resource management bestowed the highest power among the top organization management, it depends with the type of business. For instance, some family owned businesses hire family members as the directors and chief executive officers. In such cases, the direct association to the organization gives them more power to control the activities of the human resource. On another point, failure to set clearly defined and supported culture can empower top management executives in other department to control or affect .

In summation, human resource management plays key roles and functions within an organization such as warranting safety and health of affiliated members of staff, dealing with employee compensation and benefits, selection and recruitment, and human resource planning. On another point, human resource administrators play a key role in building a strong relationship between labor unions and the organization. Though human resource management plays these significant roles within the organization, their activities are always influenced and controlled by the top management existing in the organization. This is contributed by lack of clearly demarcated line of command and level of authority in an organization. In addition, failure to establish organizational culture to guide all employees in various levels contributes to involvement of some top management members in roles which do not concern them. on a different point, human resource management in every organization is bestowed high level of power and this contradicts how they can be influenced by other top organizational administration affiliates who generally are less powerful.

The audience in this case comprises of various members aspiring to be future human resource managers. The backgrounds for the members’ are professionals who have learnt human resource management course have secured work opportunity in either private or governmental organization. In addition, background also signifies professionals who are undertaking human resource management course and are currently practicing it in the work environment. The aspects covered in this paper are relevant to this audience as it helps them to understand the reality in that human resource management is influenced by other top management in the same organization. In addition, they also become aware of the causes of differences which occur between them and other organizational chief executives. It is believed that the overall organizational top management always strives to warrant organizational success and this contributes to management disputes and the need to control activities or functions of other different department like human resource management.

My goal is to provide a practical solution which is meant to end prevalent control of human resource management by other top management. Moreover, I am also aiming to create awareness that the function of human resource management is influenced by top management in the organization. There are various challenges allied to my subject matter such as existence of organizational structures which does not clearly exemplify the roles or functions of various departments and how issues present in a different department should be addressed. Tactics applicable in this case is application of poor organization .


Collins, C. J. (2021). Expanding the resource-based view model of strategic human resource management. The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 32(2), 331-35

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