LEGL1402 – Word Level 2 Assignment Assessment 3

LEGL1402 – Word Level 2 Assignment Assessment 3 – Create and Format a Column Chart Begin with a blank document and save it as LEGL1402 Lastname, Firstname Assess 3 . 1. With the file open, use the data in Figure U2.1 to create a column chart with the following specifications: a. Choose the 3 -D Clustered Column chart type. b. Apply the Layout 3 quick layout c. Apply the Style 5 chart style d. Change the chart title to Yearly Sales e. Insert a data table with legend keys f. Select the chart area, apply the Subtle Effect – Green, Accent 6 shape style (last column, fourth row in the Shape Styles section), and then apply the Offset: Bottom shadow shape effect ( Shape Effects >Shadow >second column, first row in the Outer section). g. Click Chart. Go to the Format tab>Current Sel ection Group and sele ct Chart Area. Select the series Sec ond Half and then apply the standard dark red shape fill (first option in the Standard Colors section). h. Change the chart heigh t to 4 inches and the chart width to 6.25 inches. i. Use the Position button in the Arrange group to position the chart in the middle center of the page with square text wrapping. j. With the chart selected, display the worksheet containing the chart data as follows: • Change the amount in cell C2 from $285,450 to $302, 500 • Change the amount in cell C4 from $180,210 to $190,150 Figure U2.1 Salesperson First Half Second Half Bratton $235,500 $285,450 Daniels $300,570 $250,700 Hughes $170,200 $180,210 Marez $308,520 $346,400

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