Research and EBP projects can be communicated in many ways. Which method do you think is most effective to get to the staff nurse level? To the advance practice nurses? How will you ensure that all appropriate audiences receive your information?


Effective Communication of EBP Results

Different ways can be used to disseminate the data obtained from studies and EBP projects. These include publishing the outcomes in scholarly journals, conducting presentations at conferences, journal clubs, ongoing informative in-services, theses, clinical summary reports and poster presentations (Polit & Beck, 2004). The essence of communicating this data is to ensure that healthcare delivery is advanced as well as enhancing patient care provision. At the nurse work level, the findings should be conveyed through the presentations. With presentations, nurses can assess the findings, discuss them and finally give their response. The presentation can be performed in PowerPoint where the presenter is able to highlight the background of the study and its importance, the clinical issue that was established, the summary of the EBP plans. Using this method to circulate the information within the nurses will be important for them as they will have an opportunity…

For the advanced practice nurses, the most suitable method for presenting the results is through publishing in academic journals. This category of nurses has the capacity to analyze and critique the validity of the findings by establishing the methods used and their suitability. Such actions will form an important foundation for other researchers who would like to carry out other EBP projects in the future. Besides, publishing the results inspires the role of EBP and enhancing the worth of patient care. Also, through publication, healthcare matters regarding the nurses are highlighted and discussed globally. In addition, journals will support nurses in their improvement through associating the policy and study initiatives. Communication through journals will also result in future nurses gaining knowledge as…


Brown, C. E., Wickline, M. A., Ecoff, L., & Glaser, D. (2009). Nursing practice, knowledge, attitudes and perceived barriers to evidence‐based practice at an academic medical center. Journal of advanced nursing, 65(2), 371-381.

Polit, D. F., & Beck, C. T. (2004). Nursing research: Principles and methods. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

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