Yale University’s Web site on American Ethnic Studies

Yale University’s Web site on American Ethnic Studies, www.library.yale.edu/rsc/ ethnic/internet.html, is an excellent place to start browsing the Web for its rich resources on ethnic and racial issues. It has links to many of the other sites mentioned here. One interesting site is the Historical Society of Pennsylvania at www.hsp.org. Its Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies is concerned with the reduction and prevention of intergroup tensions and violence. Several Web resources are concerned with discrimination in American society. One of them is the National Fair Housing Advocate, www.fairhousing.com, which keeps track of legal cases that involve housing discrimination throughout the nation. It links organizations that call for fair-housing practices, and it provides updated information on federal guidelines, job openings, articles, news, and so forth. Another important resource is the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the nation’s largest civil-rights organization; it has a Web site at www.naacp.org

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