Unit 6 Mastery Individual Project Six Sigma Project Design essay

Unit 6 Mastery Individual Project Six Sigma Project Design essay

Prepare a 1200-word minimum (excluding title page and references), that addresses the following regarding the selected product:

  • The DMAIC process as a methodology for improvement.
  • Benefits and challenges of the different DMAIC phases.
  • The improvement project topic from your organization or chosen organization.
  • Identified opportunities from each DMAIC phase.
  • Describe whether you believe performance will improve with the .
  • Identify the gaps in the case study.  What additional information would the team seek to yield improved results?
  • Illustrate chosen tools as selected throughout the various phases.  These can be added as appendixes in your final paper. 

In addition to course materials, research industry related journal and written in the last five years in Deets Library.  At least three references for each objective in addition to course materials are required.  Hint: In addition to journals and periodicals relevant to the DMAIC phase, researching potential Six Sigma tools for this phase may be helpful.  Note that APA format is required for this paper.  An is not required and does not count toward the word count if provided.

Please note-you can find examples at the “Student Resources” link within the course menu

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