Reflection on Collaborative Strategies in Meeting a Common Goal Template

Reflection on Collaborative Strategies in Meeting a Common Goal Template

Common Goal:

Team Members and Roles:

Documentation/Evidence of Meeting Your Common Goal: This can be in the form of a picture, document, or other evidence of meeting the goal you set.

Team Process: Describe the process the team used to work towards their goal.What was each person’s role and responsibility in the group? How were roles and responsibilities established?

Collaborative Tools: Describe any collaborative tools used by the group. How did these tools support the team in their collaborative work? If your team did not use any collaborative tools, describe potential collaborative tools that may have been helpful for the team’s work.

Collaborative Strategies: Describe 2-3 collaborative approaches/strategies used by your group to meet the common goal.

Challenges & Opportunities: What challenges did the group face in meeting the goal? What would you do differently next time to work through challenges or improve the interpersonal interaction and balanced teamwork of the group?

If your group did not face any challenges, describe 1-2 common challenges that teams often face and how your group was able to avoid those challenges.

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