Healthcare Financing Assignment ESSAY

Healthcare Financing Assignment ESSAY

Health financing has been a major issue in most countries as governments seek to establish quality and affordable healthcare for citizens. The population size, technology and expertise required to fulfill healthcare needs increase the cost of financing and this may affect the government’s budget disproportionately. The government needs to develop a health strategy that is affordable, sustainable and beneficial to its citizens.

The new health strategy for Tekram should be based on providing . The major health problems for Tekram include diabetes, arthritis, stroke, cardiovascular disease and motor vehicle accidents. Tekram also has low rates of HIV/ AIDS and high rates of tuberculosis in the population. Preventive care focuses on promoting wellness in the population to avoid health problems instead of focusing on combating health problems after they have occurred (Cohen et al., 2008). The major health problems in Tekram can be avoided by educating the public on the need to eat healthy diets, avoid excessive consumption of alcohol and cigarettes, exercise regularly, avoid risky sexual activity, get regular screening for tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS. Routine screening for HIV/ AIDS will ensure that sick individuals receive treatment and advice on the best ways to avoid spreading diseases, thereby reducing new cases. Preventative care saves countless lives and saves on the costs of treatment and rehabilitative care, especially for contagious conditions (Cohen et al., 2008). Lack of adequate and inadequate funding for healthcare in Tekram necessitate a more sustainable and cost-effective health strategy in the nation. Preventive care is cheaper and requires less personnel, therefore making it the most suitable healthcare strategy for Tekram.

The main goal of this strategy is to reduce the cost of healthcare in Tekram because the current care strategies are beyond the financial capabilities of the government and citizens. Preventative care will reduce the rate of new infections and enable the management of existing conditions within two years from inception in the nation. Preventive care will lower the need for rehabilitative and curative services and consequently reducing the need for more health care personnel, thus reducing the costs. This strategy will reduce the cost of healthcare by more than 30%, thereby bringing it within the government’s budget, making it cheaper for the Tekrami’s. The second goal of this strategy is to improve the welfare and overall health of the community in Tekram. This goal will be achieved in the process of encouraging healthy lifestyles to avoid infections. The achievement of this goal will be assessed statistically by observing the rate of new infection cases and the reduction of individuals with prevailing conditions. One of the objectives of this strategy is to reduce the prevalence of health problems such as diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular diseases, accidents and arthritis. The second objective of this strategy is to avoid epidemics by curbing the spread of contagious diseases such as HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis.

The introduction of new strategies, especially in areas of public concern, needs support from all stakeholders in the economy. This strategy needs to gain the support of politicians, healthcare facilities, healthcare personnel and the citizens of Tekram. One of the recommended ways to gain support for this strategy is conducting sensitization and awareness campaigns with an informative outlook. The stakeholders will be informed of the nature of the strategy, benefits, costs and their roles for its success through the campaigns. The support from politicians is essential since the strategy will require parliamentary approval, while support from health facilities and practitioners will enable its implementation. Tekram is a self-governed democracy and thereby, the strategy will need support from the citizens since it will affect them directly.

There are several methods the ministry can use to implement the support-building recommendation. The illiteracy rate in Tekrami implies that most citizens would not understand theoretical policies. The ministry should, therefore, ensure that it formulates a practical way to use in influencing the people. The ministry may use outreach visits where trained health personnel is sent to villages and towns to deliver health services. The use of outreach visits is the most effective way of delivering preventive care services (Hogg et al., 2008). The personnel engaged for outreach visits interact with the people and collect feedback, thereby improving the services provided and gaining the support for the strategy.

The ministry should also engage politicians in discussing the strategy and incorporating any amendments proposed to gain their support. High-level discussions between the ministry and government officials should be held to inform them of specific details of the strategy and its implementation process. Political support is important since the strategy will need parliamentary approval and will utilize public funds to implement. The ministry may also use educational tools to gain support for the strategy. According to Costa & Khanna (2008), education can play a large part in influencing healthcare. The ministry can educate the public on how it aims to restore and maintain public health for the benefit of the citizens. Civic will be done through public education forums, seminars and conferences on preventive care, thereby gaining support for the strategy.

In the existing social insurance scheme, the government pays for the insurance for 15% of the population who fall below the poverty line while the rest of the population purchases insurance independently. An alternative to this scheme may be universal health coverage, where the government ensures that people receive health services without having to strain financially. This scheme may be provided through a national health insurance fund. Citizens will contribute monthly on a progressive scale based on their income, with a maximum contribution of $200 for the highest-earning individuals. The government will use these funds in addition to the budgetary allocation for healthcare to run public health systems at no extra charges.

This alternative may be more expensive than the current scheme but will have the support of the people since they will receive comprehensive coverage without extra out of pocket deductibles. Financing for this insurance scheme will be raised from increased tourism activities resulting from the eradication of contagious infections such as tuberculosis. The government may also offer training and resources to encourage the move from subsistence agriculture and fishing to large-scale agriculture and fishing. Exports from large-scale agriculture and farming will provide funds to finance the scheme without increasing the deductions or reducing coverage to citizens.


The nature of health problems in Tekram indicates that may eradicate them. This strategy will focus on the promotion and maintenance of health to minimize the rate of new cases, thereby reducing the need for rehabilitative and curative services to reduce costs. The goal of this strategy is to reduce the costs of providing healthcare substantially while improving wellness. The strategy should seek support from politicians, health providers, and citizens to ensure successful implementation.

Healthcare Financing Assignment ESSAY

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