Explain the distinction between the crime of burglary and the crime of robbery

Burglary – Explain the distinction between the crime of burglary and the crime of robbery. – Identify the elements of burglary and the evidence needed to support each element for a conviction for the crime. – Define burglary tools and identify five different examples. – Identify and explain the five major methods of forceful safe entry. – Identify at least three different ways how an investigator might prove that property found with a suspect is stolen. – Why are burglary clearance rates so low? – What could be done to improve the clearance rates? – What prevention techniques could the following burglary locations implement to reduce the opportunity of being burglarized? i. Private homes ii. Businesses iii. Commercial retail businesses iv. Storage facilities – What role does physical evidence play in burglar investigations? – Do you agree that burglary suspects should be convicted on circumstantial evidence? – What criteria (if any) should be used to make burglary arrests? – How can stolen property be recovered from burglary cases if it is sold on the Internet? – An ID Theft Investigator (PLS IGNORE IF NOT applicable to your expertise/experience) Discussion topics include: – Explain your role in investigating ID theft cases. – Can you give some examples of cases you have investigated? – Can you show examples of some of the artifacts that you use as evidence in either your investigation or in court such as: Photographs Credit reports False or stolen identification cards Affidavits Surveillance video Other? – What is the role of circumstantial evidence in ID theft investigations and prosecutions? – Can you comment on the ID theft clearance rates at your department? – Have you experienced a false ID theft allegation from a “victim?” What were the motivations? – Do victims commonly over-estimate loss, exaggerate, or lie about what actually was a loss to increase the amount reported to financial institutions or insurance companies? – What are the common procedures to investigate ID theft?

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