ESSAY: Five Key Management Theory

The five key management theory/principle milestones over time.

Based on your readings and research, develop a timeline of five key management theory/principle milestones over time. Please address the following questions for each of the milestones you elect to include on your timeline:
•Why was this milestone significant for the period of time it was created? What was going on in the world of work that allowed the environment to know the time was right for this particular milestone?
•Which theorist “fathered” the principle? What were the signs of the time which led the theorist to develop the management concept?
•What are the highlights and limitations of the theory/principle?

•The assignment should be between 5-7 pages (does not) include the cover page and reference page.
•Your paper should include an introduction and conclusion that summarize the contents of the entire paper.
•Your paper should be written in proper APA format. This link will take you to the section of the APUS library that can assist you with formatting:
•Do not use first person
•References: A minimum of two references are required for this assignment. You may use your textbook as a reference in addition to the two references. Make sure the sources are academic articles from the online library!


Management theories refer to a set of general rules that assist managers in understanding how best to manage a company. They play a vital role in the way companies handle their business processes and human resources, as well as how these activities relate to the goals and objectives set by the leadership. Finding a theory that best applies to a specific organization can help maximize their efficiency and productivity. It also gives the management the chance to increase the employees’ potential, depending on the organization’s structure and culture cultivated by the theory in use (Tuczek et al., 2018). Over the years, there have been several management theories that have revolutionized how managers conduct their businesses. Some of the most famous theorists include Frederick Taylor, Henri Fayol, and Max Weber, among others.

Frederick Winslow Taylor came up with the scientific theory in the 1880s. He was a mechanical engineer who aimed at improving industrial efficiency when he thought of this theory. Since he was among the initial management consultants, his ideas and opinions were crucial in influencing efficiency among leaders in various companies. The foundation for his thoughts was based on the engineering principles he learned while working on the factory floor.  The scientific theory is also referred to as the classical management theory, which emphasizes on increasing workers’ efficiency. This theory fosters the belief that the best way to motivate workers to higher productivity is for employers to reward their employees regularly, whenever they do their job effectively (Chau…

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