Three Stages Grandparents

Three Stages Grandparents

This section contains five (5) short-essay response questions. You must choose two (2) to respond to. Read each essay prompt carefully and write your response in the box provided. Each short-essay response should be 200-400 words. (5 points each)

1 Discuss the impact of labeling on children with disabilities. Do you believe labeling students with disabilities is generally a good or bad practice? Defend your position by citing at least four (4) advantages or disadvantages of labeling students with disabilities.

2 Identify and briefly explain each of the six (6) major components of PL 94–142 that provide the foundation of special education in today’s society.

3 How can teachers become more responsive to the needs of their culturally and linguistically diverse students? In your response, please identify and briefly explain the NYS Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Framework.

4 Explain how the identification of an individual as disabled affects the entire family. Include in your discussion the perspectives of parents (including the three stages), grandparents, and siblings.

5 Identify at least seven (7) purposes of assistive technology and provide an example of each.

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