Grade School High School

Grade School High School

Collaborate & Research: Theories of Aggression

Evaluation Title: Final Project

  • You will complete a PowerPoint presentation (8-10 slides). The topic is aggression. It is a requirement to use the Speaker Notes Function in PowerPoint. In addition to the Speaker Notes, please use the Narration Feature. Although you are not presenting this live, the Narration Feature allows you to record your voice to each slide by use of the Speaker Notes you wrote to guide your narration of the presentation.
    • You must discuss the theories of aggression (including but not limited to Bandura and Anderson).
    • Include a title slide and your references page in APA format on the last slide of the presentation.
    • You must discuss one of the three ages:
    • grade school
    • high school or
    • adulthood
  • You must reference the developmental theories (such as Piaget and Erikson).
  • The following sections should be included to receive credit:
  • Introduction to aggression – what makes people aggressive?
  • Describe how aggressive behavior is expressed for a grade-schooler, a high schooler, or a 30-year-old adult. What would cause them to behave aggressively? Include references to the developmental tasks at the age level you chose.
  • Using the material on altruism, describe what would need to change to reduce aggressive behavior at that age level you chose.
  • Make sure to cite all sources/references utilized for this assignment in the APA format.
    Estimated time to complete: 6 hours

Watch: How to create Speaker Notes in PowerPoint

Powerpointify. (2018, Dec 3). How to add speaker notes in Microsoft PowerPoint [Video]. YouTube.
Estimated time to complete: 1 minute

Watch: How to use the Narration Feature in PowerPoint

How to Canvas. (2021, Feb 10). How to narrate PowerPoint slides [Video]. YouTube.
Estimated time to complete: 3 minutes

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